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Hi folks! My name is Lillian Cuda and I'm an independent feminist artist based in Sydney, Australia. I work with traditional, textile and digital mediums to create my artworks. Every item in my shop is designed with great care, attention to detail, and a strong focus on originality. Most items are handmade by myself, and all supplies and manufacturers are sourced from ethical businesses, all based in Australia.

I suffer from chronic illnesses and chronic pain conditions, which limit my ability to work outside of the home and engage in many physical tasks. I work from my home studio bringing my imagination to life, and seize every opportunity that I'm physically capable to venture outside.

My hands are almost always busy working on new art or crochet, and I have the best company with the super fluffy feline, Buffy, and super patient and supportive partner, Josh. I'm extremely grateful to have a creative and supportive family who help me follow my dreams, and aid me in accessing medical treatment.

Every day I'm working hard to survive, manifest my dreams and ambitions, and find joy wherever I am.


I'm currently unavailable for personal commissions at this time. I am planning to open them up again in early 2018 - feel free to email me to be put on the wait list.

If you'd like to collaborate with me, shoot me an email! lilyterese@hotmail.com


You can also find my work on:

Etsy // Society6 // Redbubble

Instagram // Tumblr // Facebook // Deviantart