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Hi, I'm Lillian Cuda! I'm a self-taught traditional artist and fashion accessories designer currently based in Sydney, Australia. I design and lovingly make every item in my shop by hand with the help and support of my amazing partner/assistant, Joshua.

I've always loved arts and crafts ever since I was little - drawing and embroidery are especially calming and enjoyable for me. So sharing and selling my creations seems like a perfectly acceptable excuse to spend most of my time happily building a nest out of art supplies in my studio, right?

I'm always coming up with new ideas and returning to old ones for those minor adjustments to make them "just right". I have planners and journals overflowing with notes and ideas about new products - the struggle is trying to get my hands to catch up with it all. Joshua assists me whenever I need an extra set of hands (mostly screen printing time), whenever my noodle arms can't carry the 2492904 million fabric rolls I've just bought, and giving valuable second opinions on new designs and colourways. He also makes sure I take adequate meal breaks when I get too "in the zone" creating, and makes sure that I step outside regularly so I don't forget what the sun looks like.


I'm currently unavailable for personal commissions at this time. I am planning to open them up again in early 2017 - feel free to email me to be put on the wait list.

If you'd like to collaborate with me, shoot me an email! lilyterese@hotmail.com


You can also find my work on:

Etsy // Society6 // Redbubble

Instagram // Tumblr // Facebook // Deviantart