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"Take Me With You" UFO Abduction Patch


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This listing is for a heart-shaped patch featuring a close encounter of the extraterrestrial kind, with a beautiful desert sunset as a backdrop, and a lone saguaro cactus the only spectator. Its framed with vibrant white lace, and outlined with a thick black border.

Is there intelligent life in this galaxy? In other galaxies? Statistically how probable is it that we're the only life forms in this vast universe? What would aliens think of us? Would they be fascinated or disgusted? Are they watching us now and still making up their minds? Or did they already check us out and say "Ugh, no thanks" and put as much distance between us as possible? Do we want to believe? Endless questions, sometimes you just wanna get off this rock. "Take me with you!"

This patch measures approximately 8 x 9 cm, with a laser cut, heat-sealed edge, and iron-on backing. This patch is ready to be ironed (and/or sewn for extra security) onto your jacket, vest, backpack, scarf - whatever textile base your heart desires!

Get 3 patches for only $25 AUD (usually $30 AUD) or 10 patches for only $75 AUD (usually $100 AUD) with my Machine Woven Patches Discount Bundle!

~How To Apply~
- Set domestic iron onto the "cotton" setting.
- Position as desired onto textile surface (ensure its not extremely heat-sensitive fabric).
- Cover the patch with a tea towel/cloth and iron for 20 minutes.
- Turn textile surface over (if possible) and iron for another 15 minutes.
- After cooling you can machine or hand stitch the patch for extra security if you wish.

This item is made in and ships from Australia via General Post/Airmail. Please contact me if you'd like to add express shipping or tracking to your order at an additional cost. Bigcartel will automatically combine shipping on all applicable items. All items come from a smoke free environment, they are assured of quality and packaged to ensure safety during transit. This item is not available for refunds, returns or exchanges, all sales are final.

PLEASE NOTE: Some colours may vary from monitor to monitor and to the actual item.

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